Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

52 weeks (8) - Parasols: Vital or frivolous?

Welcome to another week of the 52 weeks challenge. Today it's all about parasols. Are they vital or frivolous for me?

I live in Germany, we don't have super hot summers here. Sometimes, it's up to 30°C but that's okay for me. I LOVE the sun and I love getting a nice tan. When I was in Japan the first time in July 2009 I saw some ladies with parasols, sun glasses and even gloves to protect themselves from the sun. In the shops, I have seen many parasols, too. Maybe it is a common thing over there but here you rarely or never see people with parasols in summer. Germans don't have a beauty ideal including paleness :)
In summer, some Lolitas here open their parasols from Baby and so on when the sun is shining just a tiny little bit. For me, it looks stupid >_< It's just disturbing to have a parasol when you are with many people because you are so "wide" and poke other people with it. I know that victorian ladies had parasols and that it is common in Japan, especially under Lolitas but from my point of view it's just over the top :D
Please don't get offended by my opinion. If you can't live without parasols for fashion or sunny reasons, no problem. It's just not mine ;)

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