Dienstag, 11. März 2014

52 weeks (11) - What's in my closet, but I haven't worn yet!

HA HA!! Where should I start? Nearly half of my wardrobe consists of dresses I haven't worn yet and it makes me sooooo sad :(
I made two categories. First, dresses I haven't worn yet but plan to wear in the future on events and dresses I have no plan for yet.

Most of the dresses are quite new, so there was no occasion yet. Hope I will be able to attend Behind the Mask and the Dokomi convention to wear the dresses. There will also be Japan Day but I have no idea what to wear there yet :)

These are the dresses I have no plan for and they are older than the other ones. At first, I wanted to wear Leopolda for Enchanted but my coord in very boring, so I need another dress for such a big event. I can't part from my Rose Princess Doll because I already sold my blue RPD JSK and Humming Fleur JSK and OP. So one of the dresses has to stay! I also can't part from my Diana Chiffon. Most of the time,it's too simple for me but I know I won't be able to sell it for a good price, so I keep it. The same for Rose Toilette. I dream of having all four Rose Toilette colorways, I just need the pink JSK in my collection ;D

I hope I will wear most of my unworn dresses this year. It's too sad otherwise ;_;


  1. Ahh Dokomi und Japantag sind schon bald. Wäre schön eins der Kleider da zu sehen ^^

    1. Du wirst auch da sein? :)

    2. Ich wohne in Düsseldorf und die beiden müssen einfach immer sein ^^