Montag, 17. März 2014

52 weeks (12) - Something that I made

This weekly rhythm works quite well.. here is week 12 already!! This week's theme:
Something that I made
I love to make stuff for Lolita. Not big things like dresses, blouses but more accessory like jewelrly or headdresses. My last project was a bonnet. It is inspired by Triple Fortune bonnets but has less details. I did it how I'd like a bonnet to be ;)
My friend Cindy helped, she did a bonnet herself some time ago and gave me her pattern.

Left is with flash, right is without to see the beige color of the chiffon better.

Here are also some detail/work in progress shots.

I am no professionell, so of course it's not perfect but I'm happy and proud of it because it looks better than I expected it to be :)

Do you also do some things on your own or do you prefer to buy the stuff?

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