Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Worst timing ever

January is always an expensive month, I have to pay my car insurance and the electricty bill comes in..etc.
But January is also the month of Sale and obviously the month of beautiful new prints.
At first I bought the super cute Pullip Midori. Next thing is, that I reserved a shopping service spot for Romantic Rose Letter when I saw the Kera scans. At first, I wanted to buy the special set and then gave the spot to a Lolita friend of mine and chose the purple JSK with the beautiful lace collar.

So next thing I saw was the "Girlie Stuff" print my Metamorphose. I LOVE it!! Especially the halter neck JSK but because I already "bought" the new Angelic Pretty release, I ignored it and just put it on my mental wishlist.

After that, I saw the Leopolda Onepiece from Innocent World up for reservation. Love at first sight, really. The green colorway is my absolute favorite BUT it's hard to find matching accessory, so I reserved the brown colorway.

And last but not least: The re-release of Rose Dress Up from Angelic Pretty. The first release was also a love at first sight but I decided not to buy it and try to get it second hand - I failed. But now there is also a red colorway and red is my absolute favorite color *-*
Lolita Goddess, you hate me, right? Do you have to release all of this beautiful stuff almost at the same time?
But I decided to sell some dresses and other stuff, so there won't be a big hole in my wallet after I bought them because yes...I got the Rose Dress Up JSK, too. The fabric is so beautiful and in red, it is nonplusultra. I can't wait to coordinate it with my new blouse and stuff *-* It's already in my head. Also the other coords for Leopolda and RRLetter. I think that's always a good sign, right?
Last weekend I saw the Angelic Pretty Online Shop Sale.. I was too late for everything I would have wanted. I think that's okay. I already have three fantastic new dresses and I can't wait to wear them!!
Don't worry about my financial situation. I have a full time job and I won't buy too much that I can't pay bills ;)


  1. Also auf die ersten beiden Sachen bin ich ja super neidisch auf dich. *^* Die Pullip hätte ich auch super gerne und die von Misako *^* Und das neue AP Kleid auch <3 Ich muss echt anfangen Lotto zu spielen ^^

    1. Ich spiel auch kein Lotto :D Aber ich gebe sonst recht wenig Geld aus für andere Dinge. Eigentlich nur für Essen und Sprit :D Meine Priotitäten liegen offensichtlich woanders ^^""""