Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

52 weeks (4) - Reactions

A topic every Lolita has something to say to:
How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions

Okay, there are just two kinds of reactions to Lolita: positvie and negative ones, so simple.

"Is it already carnival/ halloween again?"
"Lady Gaga!" "Tinker Bell!"
"What kind of shitty clothes is this?"
"Look at them! They dress like 5 year old girls...hahahahaha"

The negative reactions are just shouts some stupid people yell at you while passing by. Most of the time I ignore that because the level is just too low. If some people are looking at me and talking about me obviously I smile or laugh at they know I see them and I don't give a damn ;D Many people try to snap a picture and if we are quick enough, we take pictures of the people taking pictures of us, hahaha. I've seen a cool tumblr about it recently: People looking at Lolitas

Positive (and interested)
"You look so sweet, are you a dancing group or something?"
"What kind of fashion is this?"
"That's so pretty!"
"I've seen this in TV, it's this Japanese fashion, right? So nice!"

Most of the positive reactions come from older people but I also talked with young girls who have seen or read something about Lolita or Japanese fashion in general. When the people are polite, I'm also nice and answer their questions and take a picture with them if they ask.

And that's the answer to the question:

If they are nice, I am nice...if they are stupid or rude, I'm not nice either ;)


  1. Es ist echt der hammer. Ich denke dass sich das auch nie ändern wird. Aber wo ich ja lachen musste war bei dem Vergleich Tinkerbell XD Oh man, die Leute haben keine Ahnung. Sollen die sich doch an die eigene Nase fassen...

    1. Ach, die Liste kann ich ewig weiter führen: Prinzessin Lillifee! Cinderella! Kim Kardashian (wtf???)