Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

LBC: Three prints in your fav. colorway

Another Lolita Blog Carnival post this Friday. The topic is
Three prints in your favorite colorway

My favorite color is red but I think most of the dresses in red look better without a print but nevertheless, here they are :)

pictures by Angelic Pretty and Innocent World

First of all, of course, Rose Toilette by Angelic Pretty. It was also my first red dress and I still love it to pieces. It's such a strong color and a really beautiful print. The dress has lovely details like the chiffon bodice or perfume bottle lace. The print is really light, so it doesn't really stand out in mint or pink and the contrast with black can be very hard.

Wonder Queen by Angelic Pretty is my next choise. The onepiece is awesome and so is the print. The dress also has lovely details but I guess it's also a very "busy" dress with too many different things on it. I won't buy it but I can't wait to see people wearing it. Especially the red color makes it cool because it reminds me of the Queen of Hearts of Alice in Wonderland :)

The last print I chose is Charles Crown by Innocent World in the onepiece version. I also own this dress and hate it now ^^" I didn't feel really good the day I wore it and after being in sale, I can't even sell it for a good price :D But nevertheless is it a beautiful border print. The green version is also nice but it looks the best in red in my opinion with the ivory lace in the chest part and the sleeves.

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So what is Lolita Blog Carnival about?
Lolita Blog Carnival is a group on Facebook where Lolita bloggers write articles to topics like this on the same day, every week. It's interesting to read other people opinions and we promote each other by linking the other blogs. If you like the idea, please visit the Facebook group :)

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  1. Du bist ja süß ^^'' Entschuldige bitte, wenn ich dir wegen der Kommentarfunktion Probleme gemacht hab >.<

    I really like your choices and can relate to Wonder Queen. I like it to see on others, but would never buy it (it won't fit anyway ^^'')

  2. Nee, ich dachte nur, ich hätte das Problem ab und an >_< Vielleicht kommentiert deshalb auch nie jemand? Haha :D

  3. Agree with you and I like all 3 :3

  4. I like them all<3<3<3<3 Aber ich bin wohl mehr der ''Pink'' typ :P