Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

Review: SpreePicky / Sailor Moon Pullover

Not really Lolita related but the store also offers Lolita items, so I will post my review about SpreePicky. SpreePicky belongs to TaoBaoSpree, which is also the Taobao Shopping Service I trust.
On November 29th I bought the Sailor Moon sweater and paid via Paypal. It was $42.99 and because of a coupon code, I paid $38.70 in total.
It was a pre-order so the item was shipped on December 15th.
My friend who ordered it the same day got it on December 21st, I fetched it at my local custom office on January 2nd but that's not SpreePicky's fault.
It was in a SpreePicky shopping bag and in an bubble-wrapped envelope. I even got a small present, a hair tie and a 5% voucher for my next order.

It's onesize and pretty big. Oversized for casual/cute looks. It's really warm and cosy and I simple love it ♥

The print has some minor printing mistakes but I didn't expect a high-end quality product ;)

This is me wearing my new sweater.

I'm very satisfied with my order and the ordering process through SpreePicky. I definitely recommend their shop.

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