Freitag, 10. Januar 2014

52 weeks challenge (2) - My first meetup

Although it's friday, I skip the Lolita Blog Carnival and do another post about the 52 weeks challenge. This week's theme is:
My first meetup

It was on December 20th in 2008. I've read a lot in the German in international community about Lolita but I haven't bought any Lolita items except for a pair of red Rocking Horse shoes. I wore them for my daily look, too. A girl from the local community organized a small meetup in Krefeld and I was finally brave enough to come to a meetup. I think it's a common fear that the other girls (with more knowledge and experience) don't accept you with your offbrand stuff >_<
But the other Lolitas were nice and some of them are still my friends :)

Yep....that's it, my first Lolita outfit.I had a red bow on the back of my head...I mean, at least I followed the common rules ^-^"
We went to a small café in Krefeld and did a Secret Santa.The woman from the bakery loved us and was very fascinated by our clothes. I was really happy to get positive feedback on the first day I'm wearing a new style.
So I continued going to meetups and built up my Lolita wardrobe. I am now :)

Can you still remember your first meetup? How was it?

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