Montag, 6. Januar 2014

52 weeks challenge - Why don't I wear Lolita more often?

This year I want to do, next to the Lolita Blog Carnival, another challenge by F Yeah Lolita. The lovely Quini does it, so I thought, why not?
I'm already one week too late, so there are two posts this week ^_^ If you do the same, please let me know your blog, so I can follow you ♥

Why don't I wear Lolita more often?

Simple answer: Because there aren't more meetups/cons. Okay, this sounds lame... ^^"
I don't wear Lolita on a daily basis, it's very special to me, so there are just meetups and cons I can wear my frilly dresses. Also, I don't wear Lolita alone. I feel better in a group of more people. Sometimes, I organize a meetup myself but I have the feeling that I'm not a good host for Lolita meetups, so I have to rely on the others ^^" And they don't do it on regular basis. So...this is where I am.
I hope there will be more meetups in the future, big ones like tea partys or Cons. These are my favourite because I can wear elaborate outfits. For local meetups, I don't wear such big outfits.

left is more casual from a local meetup and right from the Innocent World Tea Party
(pics by Anh Binh and Michael Erbe

When do you wear Lolita? Also just for yourself or on a daily basis?

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  1. I totally agree with you about the "I don't wear Lolita alone-Point" ^^
    To travel one houre alone in lolita keeps me from going more often to meet ups :(