Freitag, 31. Januar 2014


At the moment, I have sooo many new coords in my head, most of them are for the new dresses I'm expecting in the near future but also for old ones.
I have this one perfect coord in my head and try to realize it and after I have worn it, I want to wear the next dress. Some people have coord-skills that they can wear dresses in many different ways. I do it the other way. I want this one perfect coord and then I'm done. Sometimes I wish I had the creativity others had :/

Today I created my outfit for the next meetup we have in our friends. Last year (or was it even 2012?) I bought his velvet Metamorphose dress with chiffon and haven't worn it yet. I want to combine it with some gold elements ♥
It's very simple butI like it that way ♥ I will have some cameo accessory since the buttons on the dress are little cameos^^
dress and bag: Metamorphose
blouse and tights: Primark
shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
headdress: Bodyline
misc. accessory: no name

This is my twin coord with my best friend Cindy. She gets the Romantic Rose Letter JSK and pink and will have the same socks, bag, shoes and accessory like me :3 We will wear it at the Rothenburg Candy Day in July!

dress and socks: Angelic Pretty
blouse: The Floral Notebook
shoes: Antaina
bag: Loris
accessory: no name

What's your way of coordinating an outfit? Are you planning long before you wear it or are you the spontaneous type? Let me know :)


  1. Ich plane immer vor großen Events meine Outfits, weil ich oft extra Accessoires anfertige oder noch neue kaufen muss, aber vor normalen Lolita-Treffen mach ich einfach am Abend vorher Anprobe und fertig xD

    1. Das stimmt xD Bei normalen Treffen hab ich das meistens imn Kopf (halt aus Bestandteilen meines Kleiderschranks) und bei Tea Partys und Events muss meistens was neu gemacht oder bestellt werden.
      Btw, wann ist das nächste Royal Pony? ;3

    2. Ich weiß leider nicht wann das nächste Royal Pony ist, ich mache im Moment Pause mit dem Organisieren wegen meiner Bachelorarbeit und meine Mit-Orgas haben irgendwie noch nichts geplant ^^'''