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52 weeks (6) - 10 facts about my Lolita wardrobe

Another week of the 52 weeks challenge! Please look at the label for more posts from this challenge :)
10 facts about my Lolita wardrobe

1. I don't own any Lolita skirts except for petticoats
- Skirts don't suit me. My waist isn't very waist-like, so skirts look stupid on me >_< Although I loooove to see nicely coordinated high-waist skirts like the ones from Atelier Pierrot.
2. I love floral prints
- Whever I see a floral print (esp. roses), there is a 90% chance that I like it :D I also have or had many Angelic Pretty rose print dresses (Tiara Rose, Lady Rose, Rose Toilette, Powder Rose, Romantic Rose Letter, Rose Princess Doll etc...) It's just my favourite theme ♥
3. I also love solid colored dresses
- I bought more and more of them during the last two years and now I have many of them. I love red and brown as solid color pieces ♥
4. There aren't any bloomers
- There already has been the topic "bloomers or no bloomers" in this challenge. I don't own any. Just safety-pants or normal shorts.
5. Most of my dresses are from Angelic Pretty
- It's not half of my collection but a third of it. Next rank has Alice and the Pirates.
6. I have too many unworn pieces
- Sometimes I even sell them unworn because I don't see them worn in the near future
7. There are many different colors
- I love all of them: pink, red, green, blue, brown, black, ivory, mint, purple...
8. I have replicas
- Altough they aren't any print or dress replicas, I have some bags and shoe replicas. The quality is the same most of the time (or even better wtf) and as long as they don't fake the name, I'm okay with it.
9. My closet is too small
- Okay, I have more that just Lolita clothes in there but I have shoes in many different places in my flat and coats and jackets are in the cellar. I want to have a lovely closet just for Lolita stuff when I can put them in neatly. Now it's just squeeeeeeze >_<
10. The value of this wardrobe is too damn high!
I try not to think about it but there any some thousand Euros hanging in there >___< Sometimes I have a very guilty conscience and I think of selling the half of it but the next day I see all the pieces I have hunted and then I can't...

To see whats inside my wardrobe please look at my Peek inside my Closet and EGL Wardrobe posts :)

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