Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

52 weeks (5) - Bloomers or no bloomers?

Another post of the 52 weeks Lolita challenge!
If you want to read my other posts from the challenge, please use the label "52 weeks"

This week's topic:
Bloomers or no bloomers?

No bloomers!! I feel like a big baby in them >_<"" I bought a cute black bloomers with ruffles and lace but sold it directly after trying it on. My bloomers from the Meta lucky bag were also the first thing to go :D

pictures by Angelic Pretty and Ali Express

I wear safety pants or normal hot pants under my dresses as a screen. Some of them are with lace and frills but they are tight and not so baggy like real bloomers. I feel much better and grown-up with them :D

So this is it already :D

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