Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

Small X-Mas meetup

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the Royal Pony meetup as a Lolita last weekend because I was on Maid duty but the weekend before we had a small private meetup in Düsseldorf. We went to Maredo and ate delicious steak, after hat we strolled around the Christmas market and chilled at Café Tenten where I got a Peach Yoghurt Smoothie. Gosh, it was soooo tasty. Although it was cold, it was perfect *-* Want it again!
Here are some pictures from the day. I was able to wear my new velvet onepiece from Angelic Pretty that I bought in Tokyo ♥ I love deep red!

My food *-* Steak with country potatoes and garlic bread

Our group: Cindy, Laura, Ina, me and A-K with the drum on her head ♥

My outfit:
dress: Angelic Pretty
socks: Alice and the Pirates
shoes: Secret Shop
accessory: ebay, christmas deco, Paris Kids

Hope you like my outfit :) Does your local community also do christmas meetups? :)

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