Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

LBC: A peek inside my closet

Sorry for being late >_< Normally the LBC is on friday but I was too busy, so here is my belated theme post.

The annual egl theme for January is: What's in your closet? I love to do that. Okay, I don't because it's much work BUT I love to see what happened with my wardrobe during the year. These are my posts from 2012 and 2013. This year there will be some changes, too - of course. For this week's theme I will give you a sneak peek of my wardrobe post in January :)

I wish I had the space for an extra Lolita wardrobe but I don't so I have to squeeze my frilly dresses with all the other stuff (coats, normal dresses) in the same closet. When I changed from summer to winter stuff, I took out all the non-Lolita stuff and this is the rest: my Lolita dresses ♥

I count 30 dresses at the moment, I don't have any salopettes or skirts because they don't suit me :) The blouses are stored somewhere else. Normally, I store all my bags below the dresses, for the pic I took the box out. ;)

Okay, that's not just Lolita but also my normal skirts, blouses but also my petticoats. On the bottom you see some shoe storage. To be honest, there are 7 places in this house where I store my shoes (6 in my flat, the 7th is the cellar ^^") I LOOOOVE shoes!!!

These are some of my bags (daily and Lolita), only the light colours. The others are stored in boxes :)

This is how I store my Lolita socks. With these boxes I have a view all over them and can choose what I need.

The real Wardrobe Post will follow in January, this was just a peek inside my closet. Hope you liked it. How do you store your Lolita fashion? Do you have a Lolita closet or even a whole room fulled with frilly dresses and stuff?

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