Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

What I got in July

Here is my "What I got" post for July. Totally forgot to post it! I try to not buy that much stuff anymore because I will be in Tokyo next month but it's hard to stay away from the sales comms >_< But I only expect one package to come at the moment and that's only socks. *proud*

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
The first thing I released from customs was my new Btssb bag. I love it! Wanted to have a metallic heart bag directly after I saw the release *_* it matches my Blooming Flower JSK perfectly

Then my Fleur Antoinette OP. Maybe you know that I had the same version and traded it against the mint Rose Toilette but then I saw it at Closet Child again and bought it....again. I was so angry at myself that I sold it. It's such a lovely piece

Most sinful thing I bought in July: Charles Crown Onepice by Innocent World. I didn't want to buy anything so expensive before Tokyo but this was just: See - love - hesitate - BUY!!!! It's so pretty. I will wear it a the IW tea party in October. By the way: I was chosen (by Yumi Fujiwara!!) to be a part of the IW fashion show at the event. I feel so honored and can't wait for it °^°

And last but not least my Secret Shop short boots. I have the same shoes in red already but they are so worn that I decided to buy them again before they are damaged and then sold out. I got them in brown, too because it matches to many of my outfits :) This pic doesn't do them justice. I wore the red ones here for example

This is it! I also got two packages, one with wigs from Bodyline and the other one with stuff from Taobao but not necessarily Lolita related ;D

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