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LBC: Favourite Brand

SnOkay, that's easy.. I will just take a look in my closet and most of the stuff I see is from:

My feelings are a bit ambivalent for this brand nevertheless...I absolutely don't like these super uber cute prints with cake and stuffed animals and stuff, no...I'm too old for that. It can look cute on others but I'd never feel good in that. I also never had one of there prints. I think the "cutest" print I had was the Milky Planet Special Set skirt but I never wore it. I prefer it a bit more classic. Why not choose Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden? They are not creative enough for me =/ Most of the prints are just flower arrangements or not very special at all. Of course AP prints repeat themselves, so do the cuts. But some pieces are so special and detailed that this is my favourite brand of all.
I also own/used to own some Alice and the Pirates and Metamorphose pieces. I'd say Meta is the most creative and daring "big" Lolita brand and Alice and the Pirates prints are also very special and not-so-normal.
More reasons for AP to be my fav brand: Angelic Pretty fits me pretty well. Meta dresses tend to be too loose, AATP sometimes doesn't fit at all because of the cut. I'm 1,62m tall so the length is okay for me,too. I prefer to wear OTKs, so the dresses don't look too short. What I also like: the bags!! And the socks, the OTKs are quite long and stretchy, I love that ♥
What I don't like? The Hype! Some prints are so hard to get if you don't want to sell your soul. The releases must be blood and thunder in the shops and they are reselling for sooo much more. Of course, AP is not the only brand with this problem but I've never seen that with other brands so often D:
This LBC is very....wordy, so here is a picture of me wearing some of my AP dresses.
Maybe I should write down my favourite pieces, too? (I don't have all of them, but some ^^)
- Little Birds Symphonia Onepiece in ivory ♥
- Chess Chocolate bustier OP in brown or the Princess Version in ivory *_*
- Eternal Rose Bouquet OP in pink
- Twinkle Carnival bustle black JSK in ivory or black
- Fluffy Frill Halter Neck JSK in red
- Rose Toilette!!! 
- Lady Rose Mini Sleeve and OP in every colourway ♥

What's your fav. Lolita brand? Is it one of the big ones or some smaller (foreign) brand like Baroque or Haenuli?

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