Montag, 29. Juli 2013

Animagic '13

This weekend the Animagic took place in Bonn. I was part of the Lolita fashion again so I was able to join the Animagic. I haven't been there for a few years so I was quite surprised that there weren't so many people but nevertheless I had a very nice day. I met new people and talked a lot with some I don't meet very often ♥
Unfortunately I don't have many photos yet but I think you can get an impression. It was very hot/humid that day and the theme of the fashion show was BLACK. Well yeah.. I survived ^^°
I didn't take much photos because I just had my cell phone with me, so...sorry D:

This is Nora and Charlotte who were the hardcore Dunkelsüss booth shop girls! It was very hot in their tent but they also survived still looking good.

The plasticpop booth. This is the German reseller for Pullips, Dals etc. I have three dolls myself and I try to not buy more but they are soooo lovely ♥ One of my girls (Yeolume Podo) also wears Lolita, the Lotta set by Innocent World ♥

Me and my beloved Betty Cindy. She looks like a Betty with the short hair and red lips, right? ;D You've seen my outfit in the preparations post before so no further explanation is needed I think. I look like a witch in the picture with the hat, I like it. hahahaha :D
There's also a video of the fashion show. It's very light and the time between two girls is quite long but if you like to see it...:

After a long pause you can see me at 7:07

I also visited the Strawberry Sundae Maid Cafe where my cute friend May was our maid. It was very funny. We also talked about joining a maid cafe but I dunno if I should really do this. It seems to be much fun and you meet maaaaany new people. I have to think about it...
The only thing I bought is a necklace with a Sailor Mars sceptre. She is my all time favourite senshi ♥

So another (Lolita) event is over. Can't wait for the next one ♥
Do you like Anime/Manga/Japan conventions or do you prefer Lolita-only meet-ups?

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