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LBC: What type of headwear do you prefer?

I like this week's question because there are so many things to put on your head for a Lolita coordinate: bonnets, headbows, canotiers, oldschool headdresses, flower clips, berets, hats, alice bands etc... I can't choose only one, so I show you my TOP 3.

I loooove the flower hair clips by h&m (and other brands) This is a picture from some time ago, now I have even more of them.

It's pretty simple but I like it, it looks quite toned-down but can be classic, sweet, gothic or whatever. Here are some photos of me wearing flower clips.

Round Canotiers
They look so elegant *-* I'm not a big fan of the rectangular headdresses, more the round ones.I can't even describe why I love them so much but I think they are just...pretty. Because I didn't like the headdresses for Chess Chocolate (bonnet and headbow, my least favourite) I sewed one that fits my style more.

Big Hats
I'd say this is a big trend in the German Lolita community this year, many girls wear this right now. Me, too ;3
Misako and RinRin said that it looks very royal and European at the Kawaii Weekend. This fits very well. They have a very classic/ victorian feeling. I made these hats by myself but some Lolitas also do comissions for their hats. That's great for girls who are not so crafty.

So that's it :)
What's your favourite type of headwear? Head eating headbows or big bonnets like the ones from Angelic Pretty or Triple Fortune maybe?

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  1. What a big collections of flowers ! :D I have the same taste as you concerning the flowers and the headdress ! You're so pretty with those head-wear !