Montag, 22. Juli 2013

Animagic preparations

This weekend, there will be another big Anime/Manga/Japan convention in Germany, the Animagic. This year, there will be another fashion show powered by Dunkelsüss with the theme "black". Perfect timing because at the moment we have around 30°C here every day ^^" I'm happy to say that I can participate in the fashion show again. I will wear my shadow jumper by Aterlier Pierrot that I bought last year in New York. Wish I was there right vacations are already over and today was my first day at work again. But I'm looking forward to my next holidays in September when I will go to Tokyo ♥ Can't wait for it!!!!
Back to the Animagic... on friday I will go to my best friends house, she lives close to the venue and will have a sleepover there. On Saturday we will go to the Ani and participate in the fashion show together ♥

This is the picture I sent for the model application :) I loooove the dress to pieces, I'm glad I saw it last minute in the Tokyo Rebel shop window (and bought it ;D) Although I'm not that into gothic right now, I'm glad I can wear this dress again. But the next outfit will be floral again ♥

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