Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

Kawaii Weekend Sunday

Second and last part of the Kawaii Weekend report.
On Sunday we stood up around 7 o'clock and made ourselves ready. We met up in the hotel lobby at 9 and drove together to the meeting point, the Beatrix theater near Utrecht central station (where they show the Little Mermaid *-*).

Before we checked out, we made some stupid face pictures in the mirror of our room.
At the meeting point, there were already other girls waiting and we chatted a little until the rest arrived. We went to the bus but three people were missing so we waited some time. We sat near to Misako and RinRin and it was fun to listen to them.
When we arrived at Kasteel den Haar we got our lunch packages and had a guided tour, unfortunately no photos were allowed inside but it was very interesting! The castle was already very modern when it was rebuilt with electric light and so on. Our guide was very funny and we have seen many awesome rooms and learned a lot. The baron family who lived there saw on one of their visits in italy a sarcophagus and they thought it was so cool that they bought a marble one and had it in their entrance. Eh... why not ^^" They also had spikes at the ceiling that were ghost catcher but the baroness. She had an awesome dusty pink/gold room without them. She was not afraid of ghosts, tough girl ;)
After the tour we had picknick at the castle grounds.

Soooo pretty *-*
After that we had some time to make photos there, of course Cindy and I took the chance  ;)

Cindy and me together :) 

Please click for a better view :)
Cindy in her awesome Eternal Rose Bouquet outfit!
Of course we made some pics of/with Misako and RinRin. They were so funny! RinRin always wanted to know what something is in Dutch or German. We taught her: Du bist krass! Which means: You are cool/rad whatever... She was so sweet ♥

Such a lovely picture Cindy took of them ♥

Me with both of them. They liked our hats :D

So this was absolutely the best part of the weekend. Sorry I didn't upload pics of all the other girls but like I said, I dunno if it is okay for them and I can't ask all of them because I don't know how to contact them but I think you can see many pics on facebook and instagram about this event. Hope there will be other events like this in the future, I am so looking forward to the Innocent World tea party in October. But for now, the next event will be Animagic on the 27th! 

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