Montag, 15. Juli 2013

Kawaii Weekend Saturday

I'm back from the Netherlands and before I forget something, I will write about it now ^_~
When I first heard about the event, I got very excited. I love Kawaii International and then Misako Aoki and RinRin were announced as Special Guest, I had to go >_< I love RinRin and her story of becoming a model in Japan, it's like a fairytale. Because Utrecht is not that far away from my hometown (about 2 hours of driving), my friend Cindy and I decided to go the whole weekend ^_^
So Saturday morning (5:30h *yawn*) we got up and made ourselved ready. My first outfit was Queens Coach by Alice and the Pirates. Luckily we were able to check in earlier so we could finish our outfits.

Cindy wearing her Memorial Cake with the big selfmade bonnet! 
We met cute Alex in our Hotel and went together to the meeting point at Utrecht Central Station were many other girls were already waiting. They were so nice and greeted us and we immediately talked with each other. I also met Josine (hello, there!), she is a super nice dutch Lolita and she said she likes my blog T^T so happy!! After that we went to the Hotel Karel V where the tea party took place. It took some time to "check in" everyone but then everything went by quite fast :(
They were serving tea and coffee and some little snacks as a buffet. After we got something to eat, Misako and RinRin entered the luxurious room (with beautiful chandeliers *_*)  They showed their rooms in Tokyo (RinRin and Misha Janette are room mates, so cool!) and some placed to be, like a cool candy store. After that we got presents from Japan, super cute mochis!

They were different and shape and taste. I had a super cute penguin and Cindy a turtle looking like the Dude from Finding Nemo, haha. When we finished with eating, we played Bingo. I'm never lucky at such games but Cindy is! She won a bag full of swimmer goodies, so cool ♥ Misako and RinRin then came to the tables and we were able to ask some questions, get our cards signed or make photos. The official photos from the weekend are not online yet, so I can only show you those we made.

Our table with Misako. I censored a few faces because I don't know if it's okay for them to be here on the blog. Misako wore a huge and super elegant Baby dress. She said she chose a flower theme because the Netherlands are full of flowers ♥ RinRin wore my current dream dress: the pink onepiece of Eternal Rose Bouquet.

Me with both of them ♥ so happy!!

After the tea party, we went back to the Hotel and changed our outfits for the after party in the evening.

Angelic Pretty Girls: Cindy in Little Birds Symphonia, me in Chess Chocolate and lovely Alex in Misty Sky (this dress is sooo cool *_*)

The party in the evening was the best part of the day! We were able to buy stuff from Mfashion and also from Misako and RinRin (post cards, poster, book etc..) I bought the Lolitina Body Mist by Misako. It's smells like strawberry (chemical strawberry ;D)
Misako and RinRin both perfomed their songs and we all danced the Maepatsu Himeka dance. It's a really catchy song. I still sing the chorus.

RinRin wore a dress that Angelic Pretty designed just for her. That's just too cool *-*
Then there was the outfit contest were we walked over the stage and showed our outfits to the judges (Misako and RinRin of course), after that the amazing Scarlet Penta sang four songs, one of it was Glamorous Sky from the Nana movie. *____* Her voice is so beautiful ♥ There was also a fashion show by 4 o'clock, they have many pretty designs. During the shows they played music and we all danced. It was much fun! The last part was the annoucing of the fashion contest winners. There were four prizes, three of them sponsored by Baby the stars shine bright. I didn't win anything but Josine did. I think she got a bonnet and wristcuffs? Lucky girl!! Congratulations ♥
So the party was over again. I felt like dead after the day but was very happy ♥
Here are my full outfit shots.

Next post will be about Sunday. See you ^_^v

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