Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Kawaii Weekend preparations

Finally, summer has come to Germany! I have holidays, too so I'm very happy with it. Like I said before, two respectively three events were cancelled: The Rose Toilette meetup and Royal Pony because of the rain and the whole Paris trip because our boyfriends had to work. Because of this, I'm totally looking forward to the upcoming events!
This weekend, there will be the Kawaii Weekend in the Netherlands with Misako and RinRin for example. I will be wearing two or even three different outfits. I hope I will have time to change on Saturday!
My first outfit will be the AATP Queen's Coach OP in ivory, I'm wearing this for the tea party, for the after party and the outfit contest, I will wear my brown Chess Chocolate bustier dress, it's one of my favourite dresses/outfits. The third outfit for the picnic on Sunday will be my fluffy frill halterneck JSK in red by Angelic Pretty. I hope the socks arrive in time!!
Because my other coords are not finished (socks or bag are still missing) I can only show you my Chess Chocolae outfit for Saturday evening.
The blouse and socks are ivory, hard to capture with the sunlight. The outfit is a bit of brand, offbrand and handmade but to be honest, I have no idea if the bag is a replica? Never seen this (Lolibrary doesn't have something similar) and bought it second hand.

I hope the weather will be nice, not too hot ♥ Are you also attending? Hope to meet some of you there! ^_^

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