Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: If brands made home decor..

This is the first time, I'm participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival. I've seen it on other blogs and loves all the creative themes, so I wanted to join.
This weeks topic is: I brands made home decor. I wish they'd do this!! Okay... I made some examples with crappy photoshop edit but I think you will get what I mean ;D

Cushion covers!! I'm in love with all the rose/flower prints so cushion covers would be sooo cool!! But with more lace, please ;D

As well as bed linen! I just imagine sleeping in Little Birds Symphonia (Angelic Pretty) bed linen, haha *-*

Curtains!! This one for a little kids' room :D

Tablecloth, too. This would be for a tea party or something with delicious cupcakes and cake *-*

And of course stuff from the prints in real life, like chandeliers or whatever :D Doesn't have to be with fabric all the time.

What would you like to have if brands made home decor? Let me know your ideas ^_^

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