Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Tried & Tested: Selfmade Mermaid Hair Wig

Maybe some of you know Tried and Tested. It's a show from online television and Shu An, the host, tries out several products and gives points for it from 0 to 10. She is really funny and I love her show. That's why I chose the title :)
I tried a tutorial from, a very cool Lolita blog. She made a tutorial about How to make a Mermaid hair wig by yourself. This interested me a lot. I already have two mermaid style wigs but I bought them. One is really nice, the other one is pretty shiny. I still had a black wig that I would not wear again, the curls were not visible anymore so before throwing it away, I wanted to try this.
First of all: my wig was not of very good quality. Not much hair but I wanted to try nevertheless. I wasn't even sure if the wig melts when I put hot water over it :D But everything worked out!

That's the wig when it was still new with some light curls. I wore it twice and after that I brushed it with a normal brush and yeah... it was destroyed ^^"  Unfortunately I forgot to make more pictures during the process, like the braids but I made them pretty small, so I had around 18? I lay the wig into a pot and then put the hot water over it. Wrapped it into a blanket and then let it dry over the night.

This morning I opened the first braid to see if it worked out and yes, It worked!  The wig was already dried and I opened the rest (left photo) I think bigger braids would have been prettier, the waves are really small. Right is when I brushed it with a wig-brush. I think I have to alter it a bit and brush it out more, looks very messy like this ^^"

So my conclusion: if you have a wig that needs a make-over and you like the mermaid style: Try this out! Next time, I will make bigger braids for bigger waved but I'm really satisfied with the result!

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