Sonntag, 11. August 2013

Got tagged!

This is the first time I got tagged and then I even got tagged twice, haha. Please visit Mii and Setusuko♥ Thank you so much for choosing me/my blog!!

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There are rules concerning this award:
* Answer the 11 questions from the one who tagged you
* Ask 11 questions
* Nominate 11 other blogs who have less than 200 reader.

To be honest.. I'm not a big fan of these chain letters because nobody should feel pressure to answer my questions but I will answer the other ones^^

Mii's questions were:
1.) Are you an early or late riser?
Definitely early! I can't sleep too long.

2.) What's your favourite sound?
My door bell when I'm expecting a new package ;D

3.) Who is your favourite actor/actress?
I like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. But also Blake Lively and Lindsay Lohan.

4.) Your favourite book?
There are many books I like but I love the Vampire Academy series with the spin-off or the Jewel trilogy by Kerstin Gier.

5.) If you were a heroine of a story, where and when would it take place?
Somewhere in the future, the past already had enough heroes. Maybe in a big city?

6.) If you invented a machine, what would it be?
Something that closes my zipper and ties my waist ties without needing someone else to help me :D

7.) What's your favourite PC game?
Although I don't play it anymore: The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon :)

8.) What's your cellphone ringtone?
Bleeding is a luxury by Atreyu

9.) What's your favourite season?
Spring! Not too hot, but not so cold.

10.) Silver or golden jewely?

11.) What's your favourite piece of clothes?
I have no idea to be honest. I have many...I guess one day it will be my wedding dress ;D

And Setsuko's questions:

1.) If you are able to go anywhere you want, where would it be now?
 I will be in Tokyo in one month nevertheless so maybe I would take a nice beach somewhere where the water is clear and the weather is nice ♥

2.) Do you own something since your birth? What it is?
Yepp, two plushies called Susi and Fanti. They are only in my closet but I still have them ♥

3.) If you were a an object, what would you be?
A fluffy blanket

4.) If you found a bar of chocolate on the street, would you take it with you?

5.) Traveling by plane or ship?

6.) Baking cakes and cupcakes - with much fat and sugar or without?
Not too much but there has to be enough in it ^^

7.) Would you swap your life with someone else for one day? Whose life?
Someone who is very rice and famous :D

8.) Which pet would you like to have?
A cute guinea pig or luxpup ;O;

9.) In which fairytale would you like to be the main character?
Sleeping beauty, I loooove sleeping :D

10.) If you were able to solve one very big problem (only one). What would you choose?
Enough food for everyone. And education...and peace and.. I have no idea which one to choose >_<

11.) Which new print idea would you like to see on a dress?
Fish :D

Thanks again for nominating me ♥

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