Montag, 19. August 2013

Royal Pony: Flower Princess

Sorry for not updating again! Nothing happened really until last weekend. Finally the Royal Pony "Flower Princess" meet-up got repeated. It was cancelled last time due to the weather. This time we had much luck, it was very sunny ♥ It took place at the Benrath castle where we already had many Lolita meetups :)

There was a baroque festival this weekend with many people in historical dresses, shows and stuff. It was very crowded but also interesting. Some people thought we also belonged to the event but well.. not really. But still many people asked for photos and my friends and I also were in the local newspaper (only online version)
First we had a picnic in the park with yummy food. Here a picture of me posing with one of Aimee's muffins :D Yummy!
We chatted a lot and there was an outfit contest as always. Everyone had a vote and six people gave me their vote and so I won *blush* I didn't feel that my outfit was special at all but some people liked it. I was so happy ♥ I won a pearl bracelet, it matches perfectly to my mint Rose Toilette. Thanks so much!
After that the group splitted to explore the event. The atmosphere was very nice with all the booths and decorations. There even was a falconry with cute owls *-* We sat down in another garden, relaxed a bit and took photos. Unfortunately the light was so bad (too dark or too sunny :D) and we had no reflector or something but some photos came out very nice.

Cindy and me ♥

with Aimee, our black flower princess that day ^_^

It was a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to the next Royal Pony meet-up ♥

And last but not least a funny picture :D

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