Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Little Birds Symphonia twin shoot preview

Yesterday Laura, Ina, Cindy and I wanted to make some photos. The whole morning and noon it was dizzy and rainy.. sometimes the sun came out but we weren't sure if we should make the photos x_x Around 2 PM we decided to go into the forest to take some photos. The original location will be shooted at another time.
Ina wore her beautiful brown Mary Magdalene onepiece and a matching beret. This classic style suits her so well ♥ Cindy and I wore our Little Birds Symphonia dresses, our ultimate twin dress ♥ The photos will be edited by Laura but in the meantime I can show you some previews I snapped from the camera's display. I can't wait to the real photos. We were really productive and some of the pics are really cool and funny. Angelic Pretty Zombies attack Mary Magdalene and stuff! I will make another post when I got them.
Thank you Laura for making the photos, they will be great ♥

After the shoot and dinner. I took half of my outfit off already :D 

Next Saturday, the Rose Toilette meet-up takes place in Cologne! So looking forward to it, can't decide which one I should wear >_< red or black?

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