Montag, 17. Juni 2013


Sometimes, I regret selling a dress or other Lolita piece. I really do. I know I had my reasons to give it away (not wearing it enough, no good fit, in need of money) but still.. I miss it.
This is my gallery of regret:

Metamorphose Leopard heart print Onepiece
Such a cool and light dress, cool for casual looks, also outside of Lolita. Have no idea why I sold it x_x
Metamorphose swan embroidery JSK
I was more into Sweet after that, so I gave it away. It was really heavy and didn't fit me well, so my mother sewed it tighter.
Metamorphose Cross Print (?) JSK
I was like: Okay, I wore it with black, I wore it with white, this should be enough but now that I see the coords, I think: I could have done it better, can I have it back to retry, please? I love the collar.

Angelic Pretty Powder Rose OP
Dream print and material (looove chiffon) but the cut is not very flattering, more childish, so I sold it. One of the few dresses I bought absolutely new (from AP Paris ^_^)
Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur OP
I traded it for another dream dress, so I should be okay but I simply love it! The cut is so elegant, grown-up! But the colour I had was not my first choice, I'd like to have it in pink, light-blue or blue. If you see it, please tell me ;D
Metamorphose grey "Sherlock" JSK
I bought the Lucky Bag and wanted exactly THIS dress in THIS colourway and I got it but it's too casual for me, for meet-ups I rarely wear casual. I only wore it once and there isn't even a photo of me in that dress v___v It's really lovely but I know, I will always prefer another dress over it.

Why I write that post? I will regret selling another piece. At the moment, I have my Angelic Pretty Chandelier Onepiece Set up for an auction and EGL. I've bought too much in the last time and I know, I can't wear it enough. I have it for more that 1,5 years and only wore it once. Hope it gets a new owner that wears it more often. It's sooo pretty and hard to get!

Have you also regretted giving some pieces away? Which ones?

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