Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Conventions in May

First of all: The Rose Toilette Meetup was cancelled =( So many people backed out and the weather was pretty bad so we had to cancel it. But there will be a new date, maybe in August. Hope the weather will be better and more people are able to attend.
But I visited Dokomi (18th) and Japan Day (25th). My friends May and Selaya made a Lolita panel including a runway show. Here you can see the full fashion show:

It feels so strange to see myself there...(6:25) I moved too fast ^^"
But as you can see, I wore my Fleur Antoinette coord once again. Now the dress is gone, I traded it against the Rose Toilette OP in mint (3/4 complete)
We made some photos is a picture booth by manga-cafe.net. It was much fun ^_^ At that time, I already changed my shoes, my feet hurt so much.

Haha :D It's me, Gene, Cindy and Laura

And again Cindy and me at the Nikon booth. I guess you know the Nikon I AM commercials?

It was a very nice and sunny day.....compared to Japan Day. It was windy, rainy and pretty cold sometimes >_< We left early after dinner but before we strolled along the Rhine promenade. I wore my Victorian Queen OP by Victorian Maiden. I really love it ♥ I hope I can wear it again, soon because I didn't get really good pictures with it (and most of the time I wore a cardigan)

 photo jday_zps2f6ebd51.jpg 
with Cindy and Aimee ♥

This picture was taken by Jessy,visit her blog 365marshmallows
We met some people we don't see very often so it was a good day. Cindy and I watched the fireworks on TV because we were too cold to wait in the rain. Hopefully we can attend next year again.

Many cool events will come up, for example Royal Pony and the Kawaii Weekend in Utrecht (we need luck at buying the tickets...again ^^") If everything works out, this summer will be AWESOME. Unfortunately we won't be able to go to Paris as we planned it =( But there will be other cool events ♥

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