Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

LolitaDesu Treasure Hunt

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At the moment, has a promotion called Treasure Hunt. Please visit the shop, it has a clearly arranged menu where you can find all the main and sub-categories easily. I've ordered a pair of socks from them some time ago and everything went smoothly and fast. I chose five of my favourite items from the shop

The Angelic Pretty E-Mook with the Sugary Carnival Tote Bag. I'd love to see whats inside and I heard the tote bag is of really good quality
Pearl Lace Jabot by AP It's really pretty for wearing under JSKs but also for casual/ daily styles.
Ansie Rose socks by Baby I looooove those sheer socks!! The effect is nice and at the moment I'm totally into light blue, so I chose them
Cross Neck Tiered JSK by IW Next to light blue, I'm super into red/dark red for Lolita. At the moment, I have four red dresses, still couting, haha. This dress is simple but has a strong classic feel.
Secret Garden Baretta by AP Again, sax color ^^" I chose it because I thought of coordinating it with my Rose Princess Doll JSK by Angelic Pretty which is also sax ^^" 

So, please visit their shop, maybe you find a dream item or something you have been looking for a long time. Their FAQ is helpful if there are still questions concering your order.

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