Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Lolita stuff I got in May

I bought pretty much last month :x But it makes me happy ♥ Some pieces are still on their way, they will be included in the June post then ^-^
First of all: the dresses

Btssb Blooming Flower JSK Was love at first sight when it came up in the shop, I would love to have the blue version, maybe I'll find it some day!

AATP Queens Coach OP Yeaaah! Finally got it for a good price, it was always too expensive for my taste. It's really beautiful. I hope I get the matching socks and a cute bag ^-^

Pink AP Blouse My first brand blouse, hard to belive, right? ^^" I prefer OPs over JSKs but I have some, so I needed another blouse and picked this. It's really cute ♥

(click for better view)
Three TaoBao Longsleeves. Also good for daily looks but I bought them for Lolita in first place.
That's all ♥ I promise, there will be another post in for June because I already ordered some stuff that sill has to arrive^^

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