Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Lolita stuff I bought in April/ Antaina Review

I didn't get much in April, nothing to be honest because I ordered the following shoes in March and fetched them from customs today but I will count them for April ;D If not, the post would be empty.

I sent a mail on March 23rd to Yoyo, the international customer service. I got a reply the same day with the prices in USD dollar including my preferred shipping method (registered airmail).
After talking about sizes, I paid on March 26th and got a mail that they will inform me when the package was shipped. They said they need 10 working days to finish my shoes.
On April 15th I asked about an update of my order because I haven't heard from them since the end of March. April 17th, I got a mail back with the tracking number and a note that it was sent out on April 8th.
On Tuesday (April 30th) I got the a letter from customs and today I released them from there ;D

I was SHOCKED when the woman from customs gave me the package. It was a damaged shoe box with just a transparent plastic bag around it.

I already threw away the plastic bag.

Inside the box, everything was okay - phew!! After paying a small fee, I got my shoes and tried them on. I bought size 37 which is 23,5cm. The blue shoes fit totally fine, are even a bit too big and the pink shoes are a little bit too small but I think I can live with it. I measured the foot in-length and it's both 23cm (still 0,5cm too small from what they have to be) Maybe it's the cut that one fits and the other one doesn't? Two of my friends had the same problem with the pink shoes.

Both shoes look okay, the ribbons look a bit loose but are sewed on, I hope there will be no problem.
Some more pictures:

At the moment, I can't say it they are comfortable because I haven't worn them for more than a minute. But the heels are not that high, I will be ok ;D

For your interest, here are the original TaoBao links:
Pink shoes and Blue shoes. They look like the ones in the pictures, so no problem there. I paid 29,67 USD for a pair.

So all in all, my conclusion is mixed. The shoes are okay for the price but the customer service is not sooo good, the packaging could have been much better!! Measurements are not correct, like I said, friends of mine had the same problem. So better order a size bigger and if they are too big, you can use soles ^_^

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