Montag, 22. April 2013

Spring Candy Day

On April 21st, the Candy Day took place in Bad Homburg. My friends Cindy, Maren, Anh Binh and I decided to visit the girls from Hessen. We already knew some of them from conventions but also met many new people. The weather was really nice!! One of the first really warm days this year. Bad Homburg is a really pretty city, completely different to my hometown. After 3 hours of driving, we arrived and needed another 20 minutes or so for just finding a parking place >_< Then we completed our outfits and asked some people where we could find the "Altstadt Café" where we met for brunch.
Some girls were already there so we took a seat and ate from the buffet until it was empty :D
After that we went to Bad Homburg castle where we had a nice guide who told something about the story of countess Elisabeth who lived there. We were also able to see her private rooms. It was very interesting!
Then we made many photos and talked and drank some cool Coca Cola ^_~ Later we parted and drove home for another 3 hours. But it was worth it. The event was well organised and the people and the weather were amazing. Here are some photos :) By the way, the theme was flowers

Group picture
the whole group
the girly part of my traveling group. Me, Cindy and Maren. There you can see the deco of my selfmade hat (I will make a seperate post for it ^^) picture by Oh Tralala

 photo candyday1_zps6a2c64b2.jpg
And another picture of me from Anh Binh

My outfit consited of:
Fleur Antoinette dress by Mary Magdalene
socks by Innocent World
a hat decoracted by myself
and shoes from TaoBao

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