Montag, 1. April 2013

Lolita stuff I bought in March

I collected my Lolita stuff I bought in March for one post ^_^

I bought the first piece/set in February already but got it in March. It's the black Rose Toilette JSK with matching bonnet and canotier. My dream is to have the pink JSK and the mint OP, too! No skirts, please ;D But I think I will be Lolita for a little longer so I still have time left to collect them ^-^
 photo rt_schw_set_zps7ecbfeff.jpg
But the bonnet is already sold to Nora (visit her public blog, too!) I will only keep the canotier :)

Next is this blouse I bought off ebay. It's also cute for casual looks but I want to wear it with Lolita, too:
 photo ebaybluse_zps70cf1ba3.jpg
Here is the ebay link.It's really cute, I love the lace details. But I don't like the fabric so much.

I bought this Metamorphose dress from Closet Child. Black dresses are always hard to show but trust me, it's gorgeous. Velvet and chiffon with cameo buttons, lovely ♥ But I won't wear it in the near future because I hope weather will be better so I can wear my flower printed dresses ;D

This is the last Lolita item from March, it was in my TaoBao order. At first, I had a long-sleeved blouse, too but it had the same colour as this one and I wanted another one which was sold out. (But my shopping service didn't tell me -_- But I got a refund) It's really pretty and I want it in all available colours :D
 photo taobaomaerz5_zps4efa3ddf.jpg
Here is the taobao link.

Now I'm looking forward to the upcoming meetups like Candy Day or the conventions in May. Next time I will tell you about the next events and my outfit planning.
Have a nice Easter-Monday ^_^

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