Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

Lolita stuff I got in June

This is the Lolita stuff I got in June ♥

Three pairs of socks: Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates and Innocent World. The first two I got for Chess Chocolate (now I have 5 matching pairs for that dress,haha),the third one with the dress.

This one here, my first Innocent World dress! It's really pretty, I looove Innocent World collars, other brands have often the same styles. Maybe one day I can trade it for the navy version. But for now I will wear it with the socks, my ivory Vero Mode blouse and brown Secret Shop short boots. Already had a coord in mind when I bought it :D

Finally, Rose Toilette in mint. I love the Onepiece style in mint. I traded it against my Mary Magdalene Fleur Antoinette. I'm quite sad it's gone but this is also one of my dream dresses *_*

I also got the matching bonnet, hm.. I don't really need it, nor like it because I feel like a big baby with bonnets but maybe I will wear it for the next Rose Toilette meet up.

Okay, it's not so pretty in this picture but trust me, it's reaaaaaally cute with flower lace and nice chiffon fabric.

Unfortunately two events have been cancelled: The Royal Pony today due to shitty "summer" here in Germany and the Paris trip, maybe I already told you? Now I have holidays for three weeks and won't go anywhere except for the Kawaii Weekend in Utrecht. Hope this will be fun, Misako and RinRin will be there...omg what should I wear? Haha

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