Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Rose Toilette Meetup 2013

I want to talk about an event I'm planning with my friend Selaya: The epic Rose Toilette meetup. If you want to know which print is the most common in Germany: it's Rose Toilette by Angelic Pretty. It's a rather old print from 2007 but one of my favourites. The dresses are pretty long compared to the new ones and the fabric is quite thick and rare for dresses nowadays. It has cute chiffon and satin applications and a nice border print with perfume bottles. Some of my Lolita friends in my area had the prints already years ago, so we made a small Rose Toilette meetup in 2011. We were six people.

picture by b1nh.de (looking like a big Baby with the Bonnet from Yoyo D:)
So now we have 2013 and many more Lolitas got this print and I wanted to make another Rose Toilette meetup with all the others. My friend Selaya thought the same so we planned another meetup for 2013 and girls from everywhere should come for this. We decided for the day after Japan Day in May. Japan Day is a huge event in Düsseldorf and many people come just for this, so they can stay here for one night and come for the meetup the next day ;D
We already invited all the girls we know and hope that more will more. We will also have visitors from Austria and Netherlands. I'm so looking forward to this, I haven't seen something similar in other countrys, just "clone twinning" and Japan but not with more that 10 people.
My coord will be totally different. I have the matching bag and canotier now (the bonnet was not mine, I'm not a bonnet fan) and different socks. I will give my other Rose Toilette (black) to a friend of mine who doesn't have one so she can come, too. Now we have to pray for nice weather and no other incidents. If you are also interested in this event, let me know and I can give you the Facebook event page.

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