Montag, 18. Februar 2013

My favorite blogs: Drop Dead Cute

A new category ♥ I will show you my favourite blogs every month. This time I will start with a very inspirational blog. It's Drop Dead Cute

What is it about?
Everything that's cute! It's a collection of all kinds of sweet things. Recipes, fashion, art, shops, magazine scans etc. If you are bored, just check out this blog and get inspired by all the cool stuff she posts. It's very interesting.

Regularly, I'd say almost daily. So always new stuff to check out and it's never boring.

Something else?
I love it, that she always gives the source of the stuff she posts. So you can check out the recipes directly, for example. So she makes much advertising for others. I like that ♥ That's why I advertise for her now.
You can check out the Facebook Page, too ♥

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