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Review: Rosaire's Shopping Service

I have bookmarked every shopping service for Japan I've found and I've need a special one (for instore shopping for example) I can look through them ^_~
Some time ago I found an egl advert for Rosaire's shopping service. She even has a facebook group, so I joined. There you are able to post your wishlist and if she finds the piece, she will tell you.
I was looking for the red Rose Toilette canotier by Angelic Pretty for more than 2,5 years now. So I just posted this and expected to answer in the near future but the same day, a girl from the US sent me a message that it is available in Closet Child Shinjuku. Lisa (Rosaire) also sent me a PM that she already bought it there because it was so cheap. She remembered my post and thought that this price would be okay for me.
This was totally okay for me :D I was so happy she bought it without a deposit. She sent me a proof picture the same day and asked about my preferred shipping method (registered airmail or EMS) I chose airmail because EMS shipping would have cost almost the same as the headdress itself. Some days later I paid and when she shipped everything out, I got the tracking number through Paypal. My experience with her was very positive because she offers a looking-for-wishlist-items-service and I found something rare through it in such a short time. ^-^ Here is my overall review:

Lisa's/ Rosaire's Shopping Service
Livejournal - Facebook

Where? Instore in Tokyo and Yokohama, online shops and auctions

Fees? Depending on the service you need (between 5 and 10%)

Times (she writes that the needs 2 weeks in general)

January 9 - she told me she bought the headdress I was looking for
January 12 - asked for my paypal address
January 19 - invoice sent
January 20 - paid
January 27 - sent the package
February 8 - package arrived

The headdress was 2.800 Yen and with fees and shipping I paid 5.506 Yen in total. So you see, almost half splitted in item and fees....When you read her fees, something "bothers" me. She wanta normal fee between 7-10% for instore shopping service which can be pretty much when you think of Lolita dresses for example and money for her time (420-500 yen) Why do I pay fees when I have to pay more fees for her time? That's already the lump-sum operating cost (had to look up this word...) for her time and her the service itself. That's something I don't understand and don't like. The time the whole process needed was pretty long but I didn't need the item so fast (I already waited so long :D), so no problem for me. The communication was very quick and nice, so nothing negative to say.

Finally ♥

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