Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Lolita Questionaire

I saw this questionaire at Maren's blog because I love reading stuff like this from others. Maybe you like it, too? ^_~

1. How I got into lolita
I read an article about it in a German Manga magazine called Daisuki in 2003. I bookmarked the links they featured and was fascinated by the fashion *_* In 2008 I finally went to a Lolita meet-up and called myself a Lolita.

2. My first coordinate 
This time I never thought of spending so much money on clothes so I made an outfit with everything loliable in my wardrobe.

3. Advice I’d give to an aspiring lolita 
Do your hair properly. The cutest outfit can look incomplete because the hair is not done neatly.

4. Current wishlist 
There is way too much on my wishlist but my most wanted item (and hardest to get): Chess Chocolate Princess Set from Angelic Pretty in ivory

5. Lolitas who inspire me
I don't have favourite Lolitas who inspire me. There are many pretty Lolitas whose outfits I like but I get inspired by everything I see. Magazines, simple stock pictures, photoshoots etc...

6. My local community
The NRW Community is so big and splitted into many small groups that I can't say that I have a local community. I have my close Lolita friends I make private meet ups with but I can't call them my local community. They are my friends. Sometimes I go to open meet-ups like the Royal Pony.

7. Favorite meet-up spot
I really like the South Park in Düsseldorf. There are many pretty places you can take pictures.

8. Dream dress

Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate Princess Set in ivory

9. My wardrobe
Although I made it only a month ago, it has already changed a bit but this is my last wardrobe post.

10. Favorite item from my wardrobe
My Little Birds Symphonia Onepiece by Angelic Pretty ♥

11. My favorite coordinate
My first Chess Chocolate coord from last year's Japan Day. I didn't just buy the whole set, I bought, sewed (headdress) and crafted (jewelry) for this outfit so I like it a lot.

12. Favorite accessory
h&m flower hairclips in every color you can think of. I use them in most of my coords ;D

13. What I wear outside of lolita
Depends on my mood :D Sometimes it's pretty girly with frills and pink, other days it's much more sexy or elegant.

14. Favorite motifs
Flowers....especially roses! I don't like animal or food prints x_x

15. Favorite aspects of lolita
 I love all the details. The pretty lace, ruffles, buttons - everything matching perfectly together ♥

16. Least favorite aspects of lolita
The online shopping. I would like to have my favourite stores in my city where I can buy the stuff for the normal store price and not with shipping, fees or whatever =(

17. A funny thing that happened to me while wearing lolita
To be honest, something really funny never happened to me. Sometimes it's funny what people say to you when you wear Lolita but that's it.

18. Why I wear lolita
I just love to frill-up myself and walk around in pretty clothes with nice make-up (fake lashes etc) and meet with my friends. Hunting for dream pieces is always thrilling and it's the best feeling to unpack your dream dress after you searched for so long. Coordinating is fun and sometimes very challenging ♥

19. My favorite lolita-related photo (of myself or others)

From GLB 8. I always downloaded the scans and admired the dresses, models etc. Now I dunno why I was so attracted to this picture in particular but I still love it ♥

20. My most recent coordinate

From the Shooting with Maren at Dyck Castle. Wore my Vampire Prelude the first time ♥

Next time, I will post another shopping service review because today I got two new pieces ♥

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