Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Review: marianitacrds' in-store Shopping Service

Last week I saw two dresses at closet child Harajuku and a Lolita friend recommended this in-store shopping service. The fees seemed justified, her feedback was all positive, so I tried. I sent a mail on January 28th and got one back the next day. I said I wanted the one dress at first and if this is not available, please the other one. One dress wasn't there anymore, so she told me how much it would cost in total. She made a list with all the fees and shipping. I think that's good because sometimes it's hard to follow why an item became so expensive :D
I accepted and she invoiced me the same day and I paid in the evening. The third day in total she bought and even send it out. Today, it was in the mail!
You see, she is a very fast shopping service. The Lolita friend who told me about this service, had the same fast experience! I chose EMS shipping and it was wrapped in plastic in an EMS bag. Nothing to complain.
So here is my overall review:

Mariana's/ marianitacrds' in-store shopping service
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Where? physical stores in Tokyo

Fees? 10% + 300 Yen for transportation

January 28 - send request (it was after midnight in Japan, so she couldn't answer earlier ;D)
January 29 - got mail with availability of my items and total cost
January 29 - invoice sent and paid
January 30 - bought, sent
February 4 - item arrived

We had contact through email and you can see, everything worked out very fast ^_^ The item smelled very bad but that's not her fault.. it's 2nd hand, so you never know what you get :D I love that she doesn't do two payments, so the time between buying and sending out can be shortened. I will definitely use her again for in-store shopping in Tokyo!

By the way, this is what I got: Mary Magdalene Fleur Antoinette ♥

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