Montag, 23. Juli 2012

Girlgroup Meet-Up

Finally I met my girlgroup again. The last time I've seen them was my birthday at the beginning of June. But then we went on holidays (New York, Vietnam, Italy, Paris...)and couldn't meet. Unfortunately one of our Lauras was still not home on Saturday but it's rare that we're all together =(
Our typical meet-ups look like this:
Meeting point is the McDonald's in the main station. Then we head to OCS, where we take purikura. After this we go to Pizza Hut or go shopping (and then to Pizza Hut ;D)
So here are some photos:

Squeezing time in the purikura machine :D

We had so much fun with Binh's fish lens :D

Svenja, me and May *fishyfishy*

The whole group (click for their blog links ^~^)
Ina, Svenja, May, Laura, Alina, me, Maren and Laura

We always HAVE to make funny pictures :D derpy and dorky

We sat down at the nearby Bubble Tea shop because Charlotte still had to work. We chatted and laughed a lot. Then we finally went to Pizza Hut *O*
What's your favourite there? I always eat Lasagne Bites Bolognese and then share Apple Crumble with Alina as a dessert <3

Lotti joined us <3

Some of our purikura <3

My outfit, felt very pink that day ;D
dress: smashed lemon * cutsew: primark * usamimi: Primark * socks: tutuana * belt: h&m * shoes: Osco

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