Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Shopping in Dortmund

Last Saturday, my friend Rishu and I went to Dortmund for some shopping. In the train (it takes to 1,25h to get there) we ment many drunk people (it was 11a.m.!!) D: We just hoped that they leave the train somewhere else and luckily they did. There was a festival called "Ruhr in Love" and they all went there - phew!
When we arrived in Dortmund, we first headed to the Cakes'n'Treats cafe where we ate (vegan) pizza and cake. The interior is so pretty and the cake was really delicious <3
After that, we went through the city to the Thier Gallery. It's a big shopping centre in Dortmund with many cool shops. My goal was to find some plain beige/camel sneakers for my New York trip and I found some at Deichmann! I also bought some wristcuffs that were an sale at claire's. I will cut off the flowers and sew something else on ^^
That's everything I bought =( I was so exited to go to the 39°C shop Arina reviewed on her blog but I was SO dissapointed. There were just few clothes and they were nothing special at all. Some bags and many earrings but nothing caught my attention. We also went to the overcrowded Primark and in the jewelry department, I met Charlotte and Laura - what a nice coincidence ^0^
A highlight of the shopping trip was the Frozen Yoghurt stall in the Gallery *O* I LOOOOVE frozen yoghurt but you can't get it in my city so I enjoyed every bit. You pay for a small, medium or big waffle and you can put so much stuff in it how you want *O* I took the medium size and chose strawberries, oreos, other cookies, cereals, nuts and white chocolate. Soooooo delicious. Want it! NOW!
Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me so no other pictures from that day, I'm sorry =(
I promise, in the next post, there will be many pictures from my last shopping trips and packages I received ;D

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