Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Trivium in Münster

Last friday, Cindy and Batman (;D), two of my Rotten Candy mates, and I went to the Trivium concert in Münster. The distance is about 160km from my town but we wanted to see Matt and the others live again. There was a German soccer match for the European championship so there was no support band but the showed the match before Trivium played -_-
So we sat outside the venue and chatted a bit with other people there. Then we looked up: Wait a moment.. thats Trivium up there *wave* And Nick, the drummer, waved back :D Haha we were so happy that we "stalked" the windows the whole time and Paolo, the one who plays bass came out a few times with a tea in his hands.
Half an hour before the match ended, we took place in the second row and then saw that Paolo was watching the match from the stage. *-*
Very late the show began and we had an amazing view from where we stood. Unfortunately, we both almost died after half of the concert, so we went to the bar and watched the rest from there =3
But before I took some photos ^_^

Unfortunately I could not take good pics of Corey (guitar) or Nick =( But I think my pictures turned out pretty good although I only have a normal digicam.

When the concert was over, we sat outside a bit and then drove back. I was so damn tired ê_ê But we made it to Düsseldorf where we ate something at McDo. Afterwards we drove to our homes and we're happy we took the long way to Münster so see them ^_^

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