Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Finally a small meetup

The last Lolita meetup was in December 2012 and the only time I wore Lolita this year was for a cold photoshoot in January. Weather is not really better now but we finally had a small meetup in Düsseldorf last Satursay. It was one of the typical meetups we did when we still were a big group. Means: Purikura, Pizza Hut and taking picture in between. I didn't feel very pretty that day although I liked my coord. It was very simple but I love the green velvet dress from Baby the Stars shine bright.

fltr: Laura, Maren, Laura, me, May
It's little bit upskirt but hard to avoid when you take picture on stairs. But there you can see my coord including the shoes.
You see the little stain on the dress? It's rain =( The weather was really unfortuante. If you want to see that the other girls wore in particular, please look at Anh Binh Photography! 

We took the last purikura because the shop is closing at the end of the month. We have to find something else to start our meetups with :D At Pizza Hut we had funny conversations and ate a lot (of course^^) No tea and cake for us, we always eat at restaurants ^^ Can't wait for the next big meetup. We will go to Candy Day in Bad Homburg, many people will come (40+) I'm so excited, I will wear my blue Rose Princess Doll ^_^

My outfit rundown that day:
dress: Baby the Stars shine bright
blouse: TaoBao (forgot the brand name)
socks: Metamorphose
shoes: no name
hairclips: h&m

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