Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

My five cents

I you read Gyaru blogs like for example, you will be informed about the fall/ winter trends 2010/2011. But nevertheless I wanna pick up a few and give my opinion of them.

I have a very ambivalent feeling about this trend. Fur application on boots or hoodies are super cool and I love it but those monster fur boots like the ones in the picture are absolutely horrible @_@ Especially in this picture, they look totally ridiculous! Cute summer clothing, short skirts and then Yeti's feet? No, thanks!!

Fur II - Foxtails
I always wanted to have a foxtail. My bf's little brother won one at the fun fair but he wasn't willing to give to me as a present *haha* Now I bought my own via ebay and it's so fluffy (I'm gonna die ;D) ♥♥. It's pretty big, too, so maybe I will buy another one which is shorter but aww~ I wanna touch it all the time ^_~ No matter if you apply it on your bag or shorts/pants. It's always an eyecatcher!

Overknee boots
Okay, not a new trend but yeah~ I love overknees! Especially those which are made of buckskin or look like buckskin ^_~ They look cute to shorts, but also over skinny jeans! I should get a pair of overknee boots but without high heels,too! More comfortable for long shopping trips

Nordic pattern
At first I was like "uuurgghhh...UGLY!" because I immediately thought of christmas pullovers with snowflakes and deers on them =D Now that I see cute scaves, dresses and tank tops, I begin to like than trend. Liz Lisa (one of my favourite gal brands ^_~) has a really nice collection with nordic pattern!

Leopard pattern
I think it's nearly impossible to kill that pattern in Gyaru fashion. I LOVE leo but please not too much of it >_< I've seen several fur leo jackets this year. Last year there was one at h&m but I've NEVER seen someone wearing it.. maybe this year? Germany is always a bit later with fashion trends =D

This was a quick overview! I'm going to post more here in the future, I think. I almost forgot about that blog the last months ^-^"

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  1. Kannte ja deinen blog noch gar nicht! ^^ Echt süss <3

    Danke fürs mitmachen und viel Glück beim GiveAway! <3 ^__^/