Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Lashes II

It's pretty hot here in Germany. At the beginning of June everyone was crying "Boo, still so cold" and now the same people are crying "Boo, so hot!" Of course it is hot but I like it when I open the windows at the morning and see the sun shining right into my room <3 href="http://gyaru-glamour.blogspot.com/2010/06/lashes.html">lashes I bought. After wearing them several times, I think they are ok. Not the best but okay, they are pretty stiff, the bow doesn't last when you take them out of the package.
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Criss-cross lashes

Right lashes cut in half. But I don't like that look very much.. my eyes look so wide then :/

Atm I'm not using that much eye make-up because of the HOT HOT weather but it's so cool to wear all the cute summes dresses and tops <3 I love summer!

I hope that I'll get a package tomorrow with stuff from taobao! With a bikini, two pairs of shoes and dress. I will write another review then.


  1. uiui lashes! :D
    sieht gut aus! ^^
    ich LIEBE fake lashes! ♥

    btw, jeder hat wohl mal streit wenn man so lange aufeinander hockt XD

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  3. I love criss-cross lashes, have you already try to put 2 layers of them?
    By the way, your blog is so cute. ♥

  4. so PRETTY!!! I love criss cross lashes! I think they are the most beautiful! :)

    join my giveaway for a COACH wristlet!

  5. I really like the criss-cross lashes on you! And the photos you took are so clear, thanks for the review :)