Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Magimania giveaway (Set 1) + Happy Halloween!

I'm pretty lazy concerning this blog.. hm, what should it be about? I thought I had a concept but atm I'm not quite sure about the content.
What do you wish for?

Hm.. furthermore there are two amazing lotteries on blogs I want to tell you about.

First of all: Magimania
I've subscibed to two beauty blogs, Magimania is one of them. I think it's THE German beauty blog of all...She writes about maaaaaany different beauty brands and her blog is always very useful. At the moment she is having a giveaway for her blog-movement. I'm trying to get the giveaway that (I think) most people want:
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With the UD Primer Potion! People are highlighting it and I wanna try =D

And where do my followers come from? I'm not posting very much but hey! There are already people who follow my blog. Thank you ^O^ I'll try to do more here... I swear ^_~

But for now: Have a nice evening.. are you doing some halloween~ish stuff tonight?

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