Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

LBC: Your favorite print theme

Okay, this won't be a suprise to anyone who knows me but my favorite print theme is:
especially roses. Most of my dresses feature a flower pattern and I still don't have enough of them :) At first it was just my rose triplet I wanted to have: Powder Rose, Tiara Rose and Lady Rose but now it's so much more!
Most of my dresses featuring flowers are from Angelic Pretty. Rose-prints always look elegant and can be worn in many different ways: gothic but also sweet or classic. A very versatile print :) I also like flowers (or headgardens) as hair accessory so you don't always need the matching headpiece to your dress.

Other prints I really like are chandeliers or bird cages.
Dresses like End of Immortal Eden by Alice and the Pirates are the perfect combination for me: Bird Cage AND flowers. I own the version from the pic and I love it to pieces ♥

What's your favourite print theme? Animals, books, chocolate etc or do you prefer non-print dresses?
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