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Innocent World Tea Party (with pics)

I deleted the old entry and post this one with pics.
So this weekend was the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna, organised by the Austrian Lolitas. I won't write about the whole trip here, if you have me on my private Livejournal, so can read about it there :)
I had to get up early because I was part of the fashion show. We presented the newest collection including the Rozen Maiden collaboration and coats. We arrived in time at the Hotel Stefanie and saw the location for the first time - really beautiful. They were doing the stalls, such as Dunkelsüß, Lady Sloth and of course - Innocent World. We did the fitting for our outfits. Although the dress was not my taste, I liked my outfit very much. It was the "Portraits from a Ruined Mansion" JSK in brown. After trying on our dresses, we learned the choreography. Time flew by and it was already time for the VIPs to enter the Party. I won a VIP ticket, so I stayed and got my goodie bag. I was so suprised because we all got Innocent World socks and hair ties! But also other stuff like jewelry or buttons from sponsors. I also bought a ticket for the raffle. Normally, I don't have any luck with raffles but I knew I'd win something, so I participated. And I hope the money helps to cover the expense of the event. :)
I bought another pair of socks but that's all. The IW prices were okay. Like the ones in the Japanese shop. No customs or whatever, really cool! But nothing attracted my attention that much. When the other girls were able to enter the venue, the IW stall was already almost sold out but our outfits from the fashion show were sold later, so there was more to shop then :)
I was quite busy because I had to change my outfit again for the fashion show. The buffet opened without me T_T But I was promised to get something later (promise was kept, they served the whole afternoon! Very positive. The buffet was so delicious. Kaiserschmarrn, Chocolate mousse and so on *-*)
The fashion show started, watch the whole show here:
I'm coming around 7:50 min.

Please click for better view. I relly liked the matching details like the headbow with the small portrait in it and the necklace with the same cross as the blouse.

This was our fashion show group with designer Yumi Fujiwara.
After the fashion show I quickly changed my outfit (again) and ran to the buffet *-* Soooo tasty!!!

This is just a small part of it!!
Then the acoustic set from Lolita KompleX started, it was my first time listening to their music ♥ The program points came quickly after another and the question and answer with Yumi Fujiwara started. I think designers always get the same questions asked. Age limit for example or favourite designs and so on. Miss Fujiwara was very nice and answered all the questions :) Right after that the raffle started and I won a bag with goods from Epitaph like jewelry. I was really happy with my prize ♥ Last programm point was the outfit contest. The girls who won looked like they came straight from an Innocent World catalogue! Congratulations!!  So the time was almost over. We took some pictures and then had to leave. The day was just way too short. =( But it was a wonderful event. I enjoyed it a lot and I'm sad that I wasn't able to talk with more girls. Hope I will be able to attend more events like this in the future :) Thanks to everyone who made this day so wonderful! I'm glad I was able to join you ♥
Some other pictures here: The pictures with the watermark were done by M.E. Fotografie. He also took the photos from the Utrecht event. The other ones were done by my friend Cindy!

My Outfit: I wore the red Charles Crown Onepiece be Innocent World, socks and a necklace by Alice and the Pirates, shoes from Secret Shop and a selfmade headpiece.

There were even five girls wearing Charles Crown but sadly the fifth girl was already gone that time. 

And with cute Keika! It was the first time we met, she is so cute. We didn't have much time to talk...but to be honest I haven't talked with anybody very long. I'm so sad about it. Some girls I didn't even recognize. Now that I see their pictures on facebook I think: "You were there? Why haven't we talked?" But nevertheless I got to meet some girls I haven't seen before/ just know from Facebook.
Last picture: My goodies!!

I got everything for free or won it except for the right pair of socks. Cindy and I also won the Hanswurst Contest and got a goodie bag, too. This is our entry, you had to take silly pictures :D No problem for us! ;)

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