Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Review: Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown from

I'm always so sad when I have to throw my lenses away after a year. But I already bought new ones and although there are tons of reviews out there, I want to make one, too.
This time, I bought the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown lenses, again from They arrived pretty fast and this is what the package contents looked like. I ordered together with a friend of mine. Her lenses are on the picture, too.

With little presents again <3

Thats how they look unworn. Pretty much like in the picture on the website.

So now thats how they look worn and I have to say that they seem totally different in pictures than in reality. When I looked in the mirror the first time I wore them, I was shocked...I looked like a snake, really creepy.
They make your eyes "come out" pretty much. I was not sure if I liked them or not. But on pictures, they are pretty nice^^

detail shots

The whole look. I went to a Lolita meet-up with my girlgroup that day =)

So the concluding review:
Enlarging effect: 3/5 not that much but they give your eyes an effect, definitely!
Design: 2/5 not very flattering, I'd say
Comfort: 4/5 I always try not to wear my lenses for too long but they were pretty comfortable when I wore them^^

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